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AIXRO 's latest rear muffler

Due to tighter requirements we present our new rear muffler

Responding to massive criticism over increasing noise emissions both at home and abroad the federation, CIK-FIA decided to tighten emission control requirements. From now on a sound maximum of 108 dB mustn't be exceeded. Violations will be punished with hard penalties. Unfortunately, the measuring system is expensive and not clearly defined. Owners of go-kart tracks can use whatever system they prefer.

AIXRO offers a rear muffler add-on kit for kart enthusiasts. This muffler has already proven its worth as acoustic protection in aircraft engines. In close collaboration with go-Kart track owners, AIXRO was able to obtain an approval for karts. The new muffler even complies with Genk's high requirements. Karts which are equipped with the new rear muffler meet the strict noise protection requirements and can drive - performance-loss free - on all tracks in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium resp. on almost every track where the noise level was object to complaints.

AIXRO's rear muffler is reliable, durable and easy to install.