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When an engine's power, weight and flexibility are crucial the rotary engine is a safe bet. It has versatile uses in automotive, aeronautic and watercrafts. Read more about the renascence of an innovative concept.



Sustainable Hybrids

The combination of a rotary engine and a range extender leads to an immensely potent compilation. These powerful and advanced hybrids convince users by their reliabilty, the favourable power to weight ratio and very low emissions. They're an important brick in building sustainable mobility concepts.



From prototyping to production

More than 20 years of experience, the latest in CNC-production, highly-skilled employees, top-rated materials hightech coating and hardenig satisfy highest needs - in individual prototyping or in production of small and larger batches.




Europe-wide, free UPS handling with engine overhauls. Door-to-door.

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Regular maintenance increses life-time and reduces cost of repair

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Due to tighter requirements we present our new rear muffler

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